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Biodiversity and Conservation

  1. An ecological overview of Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary and adjoining de-notified areas, Kachchh, Gujarat. 1998.
  2. Assessment of Biodiversity and Preparation of Conservation Plan for the Forests of North Gujarat Region, Gujarat (MoEF).
  3. Assessment of floral and faunal status and provide expertise for greenbelt development and mangrove plantation, proposed Dholera port project area, Gujarat.
  4. Biodiversity assessment of lime stone mining sites – Porbandar, TCL, Mithapur.
  5. Biodiversity Status Assessment in and around mining sites of Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited (GACL), Junagadh, Gujarat. Funded by: GACL.
  6. Biodiversity status in and around Phedavada Limestone Mines of Gujarat Ambuja Cements Limited (GACL), Sutrapada, Junagadh, Gujarat.
  7. Biodiversity status in and around Solaj Limestone Mines of Gujarat Ambuja Cements Limited (GACL), Sutrapada, Junagadh, Gujarat.
  8. Biodiversity Studies at Dholera Port. Funded by Adani Infrastructure Ltd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  9. Conservation of Rare and Endangered Biodiversity of Gujarat (CREB)
  10. Ecological Status of Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary with respect to Flora, Fauna and Dependent Communities: A Management Perspective
  11. Medicinal Plants Conservation Areas (MPCAs) Project. Funded by Gujarat State Forest Department (GSFD).
  12. Study of Wetland habitats in Kachchh District and Suggesting Stakeholder Driven Management Strategies.
  13. Establishment of Medicinal Plants Conservation Areas (MPCAs) of Highly Traded and Rare Medicinal Species in Kachchh Saline Desert
  14. Status on Biodiversity in Core and Buffer Zone Areas of RKBA Limestone Mine Lease Area, Veraval and Sutrapada Talukas, Junagadh, Gujarat
  15. People’s Biodiversity Register of 10 selected Gram Panchayats of Kachchh district, Gujarat.
  16. Status on Biodiversity In Core and Buffer Zone Areas of Sugala Limestone Mine Lease Area, Kodinar Taluka, Junagadh, Gujarat
  17. Status of Flora and Fauna in Three Limestone Mine Lease Areas of Reliance Cementation Pvt, Ltd, Maharashtra.
  18. Biodiversity Assessment around selected Limestone mines near Chandrapur, Maharasthra.
  19. Evaluation of Plant Species diversity in Preservation Plots of Kachchh and Patan Districts.
  20. Status and Distribution of Caracal (Caracal caracal) in Gujarat
  21. Monitoring of Commiphora wightii (Guggal) plantation in Kachchh, Junagadh and Gandhinagar Circle of Gujarat State
  22. Status, Conservation and Management of Tree groves of forest areas of Kachchh district, Gujarat
  23. Planning for Wildlife Conservation and its Significant Areas in Kachchh district, Gujarat
  24. Ecological Perspective of Rann of Kachchh: Studies on Physico-Chemical and Microbial Community Structure of Soil