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Coastal, Marine and Mangroves

  1. An Ecological Study of Kachchh Mangroves and its Associated Fauna with Reference to its Management and Conservation.
  2. Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management – GIS based Information System for Critical Habitats–Gulf of Kachchh and Gulf of Khambhat of the Gujarat State.
  3. Mangrove Plantation and Restoration in Kachchh for MPSEZ Ltd.
  4. Marine Environmental Monitoring of Kharo Creek, Sanghipuram, Kachchh.
  5. Status of breeding population of Sea Turtle along the Gujarat Coast – GOI- UNDP Project-India
  6. Studies on Benthic and Pelagic Diversity of Kachchh coast, Gujarat.
  7. Studies on the Coastal Biodiversity of Kachchh between Mundra and Kori Creek, Gujarat-GoI-DOD Project.
  8. Tracing the Migration of Indian Marine Turtles: Towards Integrated and Collaborative Conservation Program, Gujarat State.
  9. Studies on Benthic and Planktonic Diversity of Kachchh Coast, Gujarat
  10. Marine Environmental Monitoring In MPSEZ, West Port, Kachchh, Gujarat
  11. Impact of Coastal Industrial Development on Seawater Quality in Selected Coastal Stretch of Kachchh, Gujarat.
  12. Monitoring Study for Biological Characteristics in Kharo Creek, Kachchh, Gujarat.
  13. Baseline monitoring study for biological characteristics in Kharo creek Kachchh, Gujarat (Sponsored by Sanghi Cements Ltd.): Part-II.
  14. Mangrove Plantation Monitoring in 250 ha implemented by Adani – Kandla Bulk Terminal Private Limited (AKBTPL), at Sat Saida Bet, Kandla
  15. Mangrove Plantation monitoring for 587.9 ha Mangrove Plantation at Jakhau (Abdasa Taluka) Luni (Mundra), Kudadsar and Jangi
  16. Enhancing and Maintaining Tidal Flushing Rate at Tuna Mangroves for Better Conservation
  17. Mangrove Plantation in 200 ha at Sat Saida Bet, Kandla for IFFCO, Kandla
  18. Complimentary Mangrove Plantation for IFFCO, Gandhidham
  19. Study on Present status, Conservation and Management Plan for Mangroves of Kandla Port Region
  20. Mangrove mapping through Satellite imagery in the Essar Bulk Terminal Limited at Hazira, Surat district, Gujarat