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Natural Resources Management

  1. A Study on Traditional Knowledge of Ethnobotanical Resources of District Kachchh, Gujarat: An Approach to the Natural Resources Conservation Through Creation of Ethnobotanical Database
  2. Drought Proofing Project through Household Security –Kachchh, Gujarat. Phase-1. Under Kachchh Ecological Fund – UNDP
  3. Drought Proofing Project: Micro level Action Plan for 35 Villages – Kachchh District, Gujarat. Prime Minister Relief Fund – Govt. of India, New Delhi.
  4. Drought Proofing through Micro level Action Plan for selected villages of Kachchh, Gujarat: An Ecological Approach (UNDP 2001).
  5. Ecological Study on the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary, Kachchh, Gujarat: A Management Perspective
  6. Environmental Economic Analysis of Government Policies vis-à-vis Grassland Resource Management: Case Study of Kachchh District (Gujarat) in collaboration with Gujarat Institute of Development Research, Ahmedabad (A World Bank aided project)
  7. Grassland Development – MoRD-Drought Proofing Project at Village Level, Kachchh, Gujarat.
  8. Watershed Development Project in Dhoravar Village-Pachchham, Kachchh, Gujarat.
  9. Watershed Development Project in Mundra, Anjar and Bhuj Talukas, Kachchh, Gujarat.
  10. Water Resource Management (WRM) in Abdasa, Mandvi, Mundra and Nakhatrana Talukas of Kachchh District, Gujarat.
  11. Integrated grassland development in Banni – A pilot project, Kachchh district, Gujarat State.
  12. Preparatory Phase Evaluation of Watersheds in Gujarat State ( Batch -II & III, IWMP Programs).
  13. Forest Resource Survey in the Forest areas of Kachchh District
  14. Technical support for constitution of BMCs and preparation of PBRs by the BMCs in 25 Gram Panchayats
  15. Climate change and its uncertainty – from below and above
  16. Climate Change Uncertainty and Transformation
  17. Studies on the impact of climate change on agriculture in district Mehsana, Gujarat.
  18. Preparatory Phase Monitoring and Evaluation of Batch -III in Patan, Banaskantha, Jamnagar and Porbandar Districts of Gujarat State
  19. Preparatory Phase Monitoring and Evaluation of Batch- IV projects in Rajkot, Porbandar, Patan and Banasantha District of Gujarat State