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Coastal Wetlands

Kachchh has a coastal length of 406 km. The two Ranns, namely Great and Little Rann of Kachchh constitute a bulk of coastal wetlands in Kachchh. The Great and Little Ranns are flat saline marsh or salt impregnated wilderness. During the South West monsoon (July to September), larger areas of Ranns are inundated by up to two meters of water. In the year with ample rainfall, these Ranns form a staging ground for migratory waterfowls during the southward passage into the peninsular India in winter. Added, the only breeding sites for the Greater and Lesser Flamingo in Asia are confined to the Ranns of Kachchh. In Ranns major research inroads were made by GUIDE in areas such as exploring Rann’s suitability for aquaculture, microbial diversity of Rann, benthic and pelagic diversity of its water mass and major avifaunal diversity. Restoration of grasslands in the fringes of Rann where conducive conditions exist is another major thrust area of research by GUIDE.