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Freshwater Inland Wetlands

Out of 831 wetlands which are more than 60 ha in the state, 438 are coastal and 393 are inland wetlands.  Within inland wetlands, man-mad wetlands form 76.4% and rest are natural (23.61%). In case of coastal wetlands, 98% are natural wetlands, while man-made wetlands form close to 2% (Table 1.3). This ecosystem enriches the habitat diversity and more importantly have been performing various ecological and hydrological functions.


Despite being arid with frequent droughts and undulating topography, Kachchh is drained by 97 rivers, which are of ephemeral to intermittent type (non-perennial). Therefore, as many as 231 reservoirs were built to support irrigation and supply water for domestic use. These man-made reservoirs are functioning as inland wetlands.  Some of the best-known inland wetlands of Kachchh are the Bhimasar and Shinay lakes, Devisar tank, Rudarmata dam and Ningal dam, Kukma village tank and Ler dam, Don dam reservoir, Topansar tank and Vijay Sagar dam. In these inland wetlands major studies such as mapping, water and soil quality, vegetation characteristics, biodiversity of benthic and pelagic organisms, monitoring of bird populations, social values and anthropogenic pressure in selected wetlands have been studied.