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As part of its efforts towards ecological research, GUIDE has been trying to disseminate the scientific information through various forua. Since its inception, GUIDE has been organizing various activities, viz., conferences, seminars, symposia. The details are as given below:


2015) National Symposium on “Dryland Birds: Strategy for Conservation and Management.”

09-10 January, 2015. Organizing Secretaries: Dr. Arun Kumar Roy Mahato and Dr. Nikunj B. Gajera.

2012) National Conference on Wetland Conservation for Sustainable Development: Saving

Wetlands for People and Wildlife. 17 -18 FEBRUARY, 2012. Organizing Secretary: Dr. G. A. Thivakaran.

2011) Symposium on “Banni Grassland” 04-05 March, 2011
2009) National Symposium on “Prosopis: Ecological, Economic Significance and Management

Challenges” on 20 – 21 February, 2009 at Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology, Bhuj. Conveners: Dr. S. F. Wesley Sunderraj & Dr. B. Anjan Kumar Prusty.

2006) Regional Conference on “Natural Resource Conservation, Use and Sustainability in

Drylands”.Organized in Collaboration with Kachchh Nav Nirman Abhiyan,Bhuj. 17 – 20 December, 2006.Coordinator: Dr. V. Vijay Kumar