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Research Laboratory

GUIDE has state of the art Environmental-Chemical-Analytical laboratories to facilitate the analyses of Air, noise, water, industrial waste water and sludge, and soil from diverse environmental conditions. In addition to in house analysis of samples from research projects, samples from local agriculturists, industrial sectors, other NGOs and research institutions were also been analyzed in the laboratory. It has been recognized as “State Air and State Water Laboratory” by Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Government of Gujarat.


It also addresses and facilitates qualitative and quantitative analyses of marine fauna & flora from diverse marine/coastal habitats (benthic, Pelagic, intertidal, subtidal), different physical and chemical analyses of seawater and sediments are also being carried out.


In addition to the basic instruments for routine environmental sample analysis, the laboratory is also equipped with PM10 sampler, PM2.5 Sampler for examining the Respirable and fine fraction of the particulate matter in ambient air, and stack sampler for monitoring of stack emissions. The laboratory also houses other modern equipments: Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS), Ion Chromatograph, Spectro-fluorometer, UV-Spectrophotometer, Rotary evaporator, Kjeldahl Nitrogen Apparatus, Flame Photometer, instrumentation kits to analyze nutrients, heavy metals, and productivity on site.